Around Vileika

You can easily get from Minsk to Maladzechna by train. Unlike many other towns and villages in Belarus that have a completely identical set of street names (Soviet time heritage – Lenina, Dziaržynskaha and Kamsamolskaia streets) Maladzechna has honoured true heroes of Belarusian history. Here you will bike along the streets named after Ihnat Bujnicky (the founder of Belarusian professional theatre), artist and astronomer Jazep Drazdovich and the Commander of the army of Great Dutchy of Lithuania Kanstancin Astrožski. Go along Vialiki Hasciniec street, pass Central Square, take a moment near the fountain with sculptures (they were criticized for being too erotic). 

Don’t miss Pieramohy Park (Victory Park) with artificial lakes that were made from a nameless spring. Here you can eat some ice-cream and stride the path with the emblems of Belarusian towns. Two other points worth your visit are beautiful Saint Kazimir church (Vialiki Hasciniec str.) and the World War II memorial Shtalag-342, which used to be a concentration camp (Zamkavaja str).


Vileyka was first mentioned in 1460. The main points of interest are in Lenina Square: a beautiful catholic Church of Exaltation of the Holy Cross that combines features of neogothic and neoroman styles (built in 1906) and Orthodox Church of Saint Mary of Egypt (built in 1865, pay attention to the nice round window and the clock). The third member of the historical collection on the square is the monument to Lenin himself – multiculturalism as it is.


Vilejka Water Reservoir is the largest artificial lake in Belarus (and second in size to the largest natural lake Narach). It was constructed in 1968 – 1975 to provide fresh water for fast growing Minsk. The Viliya river was dammed, and some 9 villages were resettled (along with thousands of graves). Locals come here for fishing, sailing or just getting a few hours of meditation. Cycle around the reservoir and find your own spot. Some people say that here you can get the best sunset views in the whole country. 


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