Biketours ZAO combines commercial and public structure

  • Posted on: 9 January 2018
  • By: john.roseman

Biketours ZAO is a subsidiary of the NGO "Minsk Cycling Community". The NGO owns 100% of the shares of Biketours and receives all profits from the activities of the organization. The NGO Board is the governing body of the company and has the right to make strategic decisions that determine the future of Biketours ZAO.

"Thanks to a hybrid of commercial and public structures, we have access to the resources of the NGO. For example, we can use the Bike Kitchen "Garage 38" to store bicycles and repair them”, - says Biketours route planner John Roseman.

"Through us people can learn more about the NGO, - says Tatiana Vitkovskaya, the company's director. - And the organization itself now has a structure that generates income."

Biketours ZAO is the first company offering "full support" services on bike tours on Belarusian market. The company scouts the route in advance, plans the tour, organizes food and a place for spending the night. Thus, the group that booked the tour travels along peaceful, car-free roads, sleeps in comfortable conditions and receives delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners.


"Belarus has great potential, - says John Roseman. - Here, most of all, wild forests have been preserved. Forests are not privatized, and except animals nobody lives there".

 "We will help to make sure that Belarus is safe: here nobody will stalk you, no risk being kidnaped or attacked", - says Tatiana.

"It's possible to change the image of Belarus beyond the political realm", - says John.

Now three tours are available for customers, but in the next season there will be new ones, possibly with elements of a water trek. The program can be formed and on request of the client

 Photo - “Biketours”, Lazy