High Tech Copenhagen wheel available for Bike Tours

  • Posted on: 24 December 2017
  • By: john.roseman

Clients of Biketours ZAO can now ride on the Copenhagen Wheel — the world’s most technologically advanced e-bike.

“Without doubt it is a fast, sensitive and agile device!” is the first thing that comes to mind after a test drive of a red electric Copenhagen wheel. "You will enjoy" - promises the merchant's website. And it's true..

This is the most advanced e-bike in the world, created by scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - the very ones who are famous for their robots and AI.


The Copenhagen Wheel differs from electric bikes in the aesthetics of appearance and the absence of external wires. But the most important aspect - the wheel is "smart". It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The wheel is controlled by two separate processors with embedded Linux -- one in the wheel and one on your Android phone.

The device works in three basic modes of acceleration - eco, standard and turbo, as well it has an exercise mode for charging the battery. The battery can also be charged by turning the pedals back. This is called "regenerative braking" (instead of wasting energy by heating brake pads, you can recharge your battery).

"Very good, sensitive thing! But the 25 km/h limit is quite low! "- writes one of the Belarusian users on Facebook.

The disc of the wheel with all the contents weighs 7.6 kilograms - this is about 30 percents of the weight of some bicycles, so lifting it up the stairs on the 5th floor could be not very convenient. The good news is that the wheel can be installed on any bicycle, while a traditional electric bike is often a separate mechanism.

"The purpose of this mechanism is to allow someone who lacks strength or training to participate in the bike trip. It will be especially good for a couple when one is a good cyclist, and the second is not very good, "says John Roseman, a route planner of Biketours ZAO.