Wildlife and cultural sites with the "TDF Ecotech"

  • Posted on: 21 November 2017
  • By: Kirill Kudravets

In late June, Biketours ZAO organized a corporate bike ride for a leading company engaged in Belarusian "green" energy – TDF Ecotech. Employees spent the weekend on the road, traveling more than 100 kilometers across Ruzhany and Kosava regions.


Responsible attitude to nature

Cycle touring echoes  the public image of "TDF Ecotech":

" Responsibility towards nature . . . is one of our key concerns that make our environmental projects unique and inspiring." – as written on their website.

The main directions of the company – construction of biogas and landfill gas complexes, recycling factories, wind power plants. The company is part of a major international holding under the same name.


Photo by Hanna Valynets. Other photos from the tour presented by "TDF Ecotech"

About the tour: to explore the wildlife

The Ecotecn Belarus  staff rode 104 kilometers during two days.

"The clients voiced their wishes by the phone:  they did not want typical tourist attractions like Mir or Nesvizh, where they have been already so many times for work. They would rather visit someplace that combines wildlife and cultural sites", – says Tatiana Vitkovskaia the director and guide of Biketours ZAO.

Employees won the support of the director of "TDF Ecotech," and together they finalized on of the routes provided by Biketours ZAO. So about a dozen people, accompanied by guides Tatiana and John, passed through Ivacevichy - Ruzhany - Kosava - Ivacevichy.




map from gpsies.com

Ruzhany and Kosava are interesting by their common history of the times The Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The place at Ruzhany  was designed and built in 1602 by an unknown architect. In Kosava, there is a palace of Puslovsky rich family and the estate of famous revolutionary —  Tadevush Kasciushka.

photo by wikimedia.org


Overnight in Ruzhany and dinner at the forest lake

The organizers also provided the escort car that was transporting personal belongings, and a couple of times – bike tour participants. Overnight stay was at the Ruzhansky Spa Resort. Lunch was set on the shore a lake in the forest, which was very picturesque, according to the participants.


photo - wikimedia.org

Biketours ZAO: The group members were strong and cycled fast

"We chosen the route in a such way that the participants would not be too tired during the ride, but it turned out that it was not necessary. The group was strong enough. They rode briskly and almost no one withdrew f.

Overall impression of the group and the organization – a very positive, interesting and friendly group. Simple, undemanding, and it was great to work with them.

After talking with other potential customers, perhaps, I can say: cycling trip was really interesting for that group. Their Austrian partners are doing such a "trip" in the Alps each year. And so they as well decided to try it, even though we do not have the Alps", –  says Tatiana Vitkovskaia.

Biketours ZAO provided high quality bikes for the participants, including one fat bike.  

"Impressions from this fat  tire bike are only positive. Despite its cumbersome appearance the bike was easy to operate, fast and most importantly – very suitable for sandy roads", – conveys the impressions administrative assistant Elena Reyt.


TDF Ecotech: We have not had the experience of long bike tours

"Although we had no experience of long tours on bikes, the route was not very stressful, the rate was stable and allowed to take photos and enjoy nature, we had a chance to take a stroll in the ancient castles and monuments of the XIX century, – says executive assistant Elena on behalf of colleagues.

– The route goes through the forest trails, away from the busy roads. On the way there were beautiful fields, small villages and deserted hamlets.


We want to thank our guide not only for well thought out and diverse cycling route, but also for the attentive support. Organizers responded to our requests and took into account all the wishes, quickly helped to repair bicycles.

After 100 kilometers, which we passed, there were only positive emotions. Participants received a charge of vivacity and good mood for the whole week. We plan to continue to cooperate and go on the new bike tours with company Biketours ZAO.