Should I wear a helmet?
Our top priority is safety, and our routes are designed to have little or no automobile traffic.   Also there are no fast downhill or intrinsically dangerous segments. Each participant decides for themselves whether or not to wear a helmet.

How safe is Belarus?
The crime rate against tourists in Belarus is very low.  Street crime is almost non-existent.

Do I need a visa?
You can visit Belarus for up to five days visa-free, if you arrive and depart by air from Minsk.  More details about visas are here.

How can I estimate the tour difficulty?
Tour distances are provided in kilmoeters.  If you are accustomed to riding on asphalt, then you should bear in mind that our tours are for the most part on unpaved roads.  The surface conditions vary a lot, but it's substantially slower than riding on asphalt.  As a rough guide, you can double the actual distance to get an equivalent distance for asphalt roads.

What about tipping?
The tour price is all-inclusive, tipping is not expected or encouraged.