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The birthplace of a general in the American revoltution who emigrated from Belarus,

from €320.00

Varied natural landscapes, with cultural highlights like museums and libraries.

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Catholic churches, and wild river trail with a series of historic Catholic shrines. 

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Why Go On a Bike Trip in Belarus

Visa Free Travel

Starting in Feburary 2017, Belarus is opening its borders to visitors.  Getting a visa, which had been one of the main obstacles for cycle tourism, is no longer necessary for stays of up to five days.  Details.

Unspoiled Nature

Forty percent of Belarus is covered by forests, preserved in a pristine state.  Since the land has not been privatized, all of this nature is accessible by bike.


Tour participants represent a diverse mix of nationalities and world views. English is the lingua franca on our tours, and Belarusian participants are always eager to perfect their English getting to know our visitors.


Safety is our first and foremost priority. We design our routes to be maximally car-free, with some very low traffic roads. Belarus in general is a safe country with low crime rate.


Our all-inclusive tours are a great value. Everything is covered, including high-quality bikes, guides, bike repair, food and lodging.

Easy Safe Payment

Pay for your tour online, and feel secure that your money is safe.  We use off-site card processing, so we never see your credit card data.

Collective Farms

Collective farms are still the dominant agricultural model in Belarus, and they have been more successful here than anywhere else.  Farmland is publicly owned and accessible, and you will have a chance to see firsthand this unique institution.

Healthy Food

All meals are included in the tour price. The focus is on locally sourced fresh food, with tasty options for vegetarians. Cycling and sharing meals together are ideal opportunities to immerse yourself in a new culture.


What's Included

Use of a well-maintained bike, generally with hydraulic disc brakes.

Quick on-the-road bike repairs, or a replacement bike if necessary. 

English language guide.

Comfortable overnight accomodations.

Transportation of personal luggage to the hotel or homestead.

All meals.

Visits to cultural and historical sites

Any necessary tickets on public transport.

Free Internet access along the route (subject to network availability).




Biketours ZAO is a subsidiary of the NGO "Minsk Cycling Community". The NGO owns 100% of the shares of Biketours and receives all profits from the activities of the organization. 

Clients of Biketours ZAO can now ride on the Copenhagen Wheel — the world’s most technologically advanced e-bike.

In late June, Biketours ZAO organized a corporate bike ride for a leading company engaged in Belarusian "green" energy – TDF Ecotech.

The United Nations Development Program in Belarus has held a week-long bicycle press-tour to promote inclusion of people with disabilities into society.



Cycling is the ideal way to see Belarus
Traveling by bike allows you to see and experience the country first hand, without disrupting its nature and culture. You'll discover what makes Belarus unique: unspoiled nature, collective farms, quaint car-free villages and a land without barriers or fences.